DV 2013

The Green Card Lottery (Diversity program) is for people from all parts of the world thought of that! If you register early enough, the diversity of the program simple and fastest way to the United States to life, work and study. If you want to register for the Green Card Lottery, read through the following information and sign up today ..

The Green Card Lottery will begin in 2012 and is titled as a DV lottery 2014.Die was called in 2011, DV-2013, and was buried on 5 November 2011 closed. Notifications of the draw for DV-2014 will be available online from June 2013.

Every year the green card lottery grants 55,000 Green Cards to eligible countries from around the world. The purpose of the lottery is to keep the number of people living in America and work balance.

The eligible countries are available on our website on the information available from the U.S. government defines listed.Diese countries each year depending on how many people apply to have obtained from the respective country for a green card in the last five years.

All Applicants may submit only one entry for the year 2012 (DV2014). Important: Duplicate registration leads to disqualification At registration they have a new upload (up to 6 months old) digital photo.

Applicants with children under 21 years must also upload current digital photos of all of their children. Children should not be intended for the applicant to travel to America, you must upload a photo Despite the court also to check.

After the registration deadline by a computer system random 100,000 applicants will be selected and invited to an interview at their local U.S. embassy in their home country for an interview. After a positive week you get your green card.

It is important to consider all the question and answer truthfully so that we can file your claim as quickly and accurately as possible can. We check you upload photos and all the details to ensure that the application is successfully approved in the Green Card Lottery. More information can be found on our site. Register now for the Green Card Lottery.

If you are in the green card lottery to participate wiederholtenmal, then to discover that the registration process is the same as last year's In the past, the selected winners received a green card through the normal post their qualifications. This year all participants or their service to check for yourself online if you have won.


People from Third World countries, the law should have no opportunity to go to America to work this way the lottery as a gift of God ansehen.Es is by far the simplest and easiest way to America to live, work and study. Many countries are eligible to apply, such as all African countries. please go to the Certified countries. You can register for the green card lottery on this link.